Publishing at GitHub Pages with Pelican and Travis-CI

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Publishing at GitHub Pages with Pelican and Travis-CI First published at: I’m making this post to help everyone who want to create their first website at GitHub Pages using Pelican to create the pages and Travis-CI to automate the task of static page generation and publishing. This guide assumes that the reader have an account at GitHub and Travis-CI and have familiarity with the Python environment. The version of Pelican used at this post was 3.6. The images have a little of Portuguese due to the original language publication

Django Generic ManyToMany Relations

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Django Generic ManyToMany Relations Django’s official documentation nicely covers its generic relationship functionality when you have to make an OneToMany (one-to-many or 1:N) relation, but when you need to implement a generic ManyToMany (many-to-many or N:N) relation, there is not much documentation about it. I recently had to implement an N:N with a generic side, and discovered a library called django-gm2m that was very useful to me in this task, and I will describe here giving tips on how to make this implementation and how to avoid possible headaches.

Static Websites with Lektor

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Static Websites with Lektor Theres about 4 years that I try to start a blog and during that time I created some for the community but never my own. Using publishing tools like WordPress the problem was the difficulty of customizing it and the amount of tooling that I would never use, plus it’s not Python. Then I discovered GitHub Pages, and at the same time Pelican by indication of Magnun Leno and I started to do a lot things with it.