$ whoami

Hello, my name is Humberto.

I’m a Computer Scientist / Open Source enthusiast specialized on problem solving currently living in Quebec, Canada.

Despite working with a wide range of technologies, my favorite tools are the commandline, the VIM editor, and my OS of choice is Linux.

Other than writing in this blog, my hobbies are diverse. Starting at gastronomy and pastry passing through pixel art, video games, kung fu, emoji, memes, and spoil my cats, finishing by learning new languages (programming languages or not 😜).

This blog is the place were I put into words a portion of my knowledge, synthesizing my personal discovery’s and learning’s but with no ambition of being the absolute source of truth to anything. I hope you find here something that can help you as it helped me before 😊

You can also find me at github, twitter or mastodon.

And always remember: Be kind, People > Technology and stay hydrated!